1. Servers and Data Protection

Pay Per Head 4 Less is equipped with modern and highly reliable hardware which has been tested before being used on our live servers. We set the standards when it comes to software and other technologies to prevent our systems from unauthorized entry. All confidential data is stored in our secure network and any personal data is stored offline. Obviously any data which is defined as confidential is only accessible to a very limited group of Managers within our company.

Furthermore all our servers are backed-up and mirrored in real time to prevent any downtime or data losses and only accessible to the IT Staff.

2. IT Department

Our IT Department is staffed with specialist who have broad experience in their work and in the online gambling industry. From Web-Designer, over programmers and network engineers, up to data protection specialists, for all needs and challenges which may occur we have the "In-House-Solution".

We never stop to improve our systems and websites.

3. Call Center

Each of your customers will receive a personal PIN to prevent any misuse by third persons. If there is any evidence of misuse we will automatically suspend the account upon clarification to protect you and your customers. All our clerks only see a number and PIN for authorization, any confidential data is only accessible to our management staff.