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The great thing about pay per head is that it does not really matter if you are the head of a large organisation that already has a presence in the world of online gambling or if you are an individual who would like to get involved for the very first time..

Perheadzone Steve J.
  • Perheadzone is in no way responsible for agent/player disputes, fraudulent activity, lack of agent payment, or any other aspect of the agent/player relationship.
  • Any Agent attempts to defraud Perheadzone or is found to be participating in fraudulent activity such as not paying players, deleting winning wagers or any other types of unfair business practices which are not consistent with Perheadzones policies will not be tolerated, and their account will be terminated immediately.
  • Perheadzone reserves the right to terminate any player or agent account at any time.
  • You must be of legal age according to your jurisdiction in order to join Perheadzone.
  • All personal information provided to Perheadzone will be kept confidential.
  • Each player or agent is required to identify himself/herself to our customer service representative by giving his/her account number and password every time he/she calls Perheadzone in order to access any information.
  • Perheadzone is not held responsible for anyone who discloses their account number and/or password to another party.
  • All phone calls are recorded and saved in our data base. In the event of a dispute on a wager or other issue, all parties involved agree to be bound by these recordings.
  • Perheadzone management reserves the right to refuse any bet, from anyone, at any time.
  • All confirmed wagers are final!
  • Any wager disputes shall be resolved by the "read back" from the recorded call and the decision will be firm & final!
  • Perheadzone strives for 100% perfection but very rarely human error can occur. Due to Perheadzones low service fees we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and including but not limited to computer, typing, posting of odds, lines, or point spreads other than those intended.
  • No agent can be more than 1 week in arrears with their weekly invoice. In the event of this happening the agents account will be disabled until payment is received.
  • All rules, regulations and policies are subject to change at Perheadzones management's discretion.


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